Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet Candie

During my Clothing design training years I slowly started to develop a dream, a dream to keep on doing what I loved to do - and that was first and most to create. I have never seen my self as an artist, but maybe I should? To me; I am just me... Nothing more, nothing less. But I do love to create!

I started out falling in love with the romantic dresses, beautiful colors, and flowing fabrics when I first started but where I come from that is not something that is needed all that much. So my designing and sewing stepped away from it a bit and entered another one of my favorites ~ the dancing industry! It was a natural step for me as I was also teaching and choreographing dance, (and I still do). So creating fun and crazy dance costumes became something natural for me and I kept doing it for many, many years.

The colors, glitter, and fabrics of the dance industry has now drawn me into something else - something that I for so many years didn't know I was interested in, or realized that I had talent for: Children! I love to create for children! Our Princes and Princesses - our future! They love the colors that I love, they love the stuffed animals that I love, and they love to play - just like me! :D

It is a perfect match! And I feel so happy about finding this love inside of me.

Originally I named my designs Cordelia but when I started to think about doing children screen prints the name Cordelia didn't fit. It wasn't as playful as Candie Ink...

Both names: Cordelia and Candie comes from my wonderful dog. Her name in the family tree is Cordelia but we never called her that - to us she was always Candie and it feels nice to be able to bring my crazy loving dog into my new venture and projects. Unfortunate she passed away many years ago - but she is still here with me.

Thank you for visiting my Blog.

With my Warmest Regards,
Helena Mathis

Candie is enjoying the lake shore

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