Friday, April 30, 2010

Camera giving me an attitude

I am so, so mad at my camera - not that it is something new to me, but I haven't mentioned it here before... I hate my camera, in fact I hate all 3 cameras I have...

One camera I bought when I just turned 25, that is 5 years ago now - and A LOT have happened in the industry of digital cameras since then... the colors are horrible and it looks like a brick, but back then it was pretty good. And I used it over Christmas while we were in Sweden and Norway snowboarding and it started to fall apart on me in the cold... the battery only lasted a few hours and so on...

The the second camera I have, isn't even mine but it takes better pictures than mine so I have been using it. And that is the camera I brought with me to Florida. Last night when I was going to download all pictures from the trip to my computer about half of them had an [ERROR] message on them. This has happened before but only on maybe one or two pictures out of a 100. This time it was probably 20 out of 40 pictures. What makes me even more mad about it is that I have seen the pictures!!! They were ALL in there and completely OK when I looked them through on Sunday... but now they are not! In fact they are considered GONE... Off course one is with me standing in front of the Universal Globe at Universal Studios...

My third camera is in fact amazing! It is a professional camera, it takes GREAT pictures and I love using it... but it is not a digital camera. So the whole process of being limited to 24 or 36 pictures per roll is simply not working for me. And to not be able to see the picture I just took on a little screen is also frustrating - how spoiled I have become!

I realized a long time ago that I need a new one, but hubby doesn't see the need as I do - he sees it as a 'want' and he might be right... but I don't want to listen to that! I WANT and NEED a new camera!!! Any suggestion on arguments?

New things

I just realized that instead of using to direct people to my online store I can use and I just got my business cards...

At least I know until next time... but man, I wish I would have known that before!!!

But I guess the idea of business cards is so people don't even have to worry about remembering...

But I do feel a little stupid!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bella Giraffe Baby Girl Onesie

I don't think I ever listed my Bella Giraffe Onesie here...I think it was because I didn't really know what to say. You see 'Bella the Giraffe' is like a cartoon version of Me. She is tall for one and then she is curious; want to hear and know everything what is going around her... just like me. I didn't intended for her to be a cartoon 'me' it just happened, and to tell you the truth I didn't even realize it until just a few weeks ago. Even more funny is that I named her Bella - my by far favorite name for girls!

So she is special to me - as you can see she is already the face of Candie Ink, and always was!

As I always wanted to get Bella on canvas in full color - this is a step in that direction. I plan to buy a printer that can do all that when I have earned some money in this new business of mine - and then that will all happen!!! But I couldn't wait to launch her - this is the first Bella the Giraffe creation for SALE - grab it while you can! 

To get a Bella Giraffe Onesie for your little baby girl click this link: Bella Giraffe Baby Girl Onesie

Where to measure

rdering clothes online, especially for a baby that grows a little bit every day can be hard.
Here is a picture to guide you if you have a hard time figuring out what measurement I am referring to in my adds so you can get the size that fits the best, just remember the measurements are the actual measurements of the garment meaning that the body measurements should be a little bit smaller:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Head is running WILD!

It feels like I am on fire... No, I am not hot or anything like that. But I have that panic feeling... like there is a fire somewhere but I don't know where so I don't know where to run first, or if I should run to put it out or to run for safety...

I know... I have been described as crazy many times. ;)

There is just so much on my mind right now - things I want to do, things I need to accomplish; and I want to start them RIGHT NOW, all of them. But I have decided to actually plan this out a little bit better than what I normally do. Normally I just jump in there heads first and then stop half-way into it cause I got lost... this time I PLAN to see them all through.

Yesterday I started to write down a list of 'Why I Do It'. It is almost like a list of goals but a little bit more than that... I also explain to myself why. I plan to have a copy of this list at home and at work. At home it is going to sit on my bathroom mirror so I can read it every morning when I wake up and wonder why the heck I am up at 5am. And I should probably have one on the refrigerator so I can read it before grabbing something I shouldn't eat. But on the other hand - I shouldn't even buy things I am not allowed to eat.

Even though I know it, I sometimes forget that that ice cream doesn't come with a pack of happiness - the people I love and the things I accomplish do!

And getting smarter doesn't happen because I bought the book or dream about doing something - I actually have to read and do!

And then the hardest part - the exercise. I feel so much better about myself when I do it - but to actually doing it and thinking of doing it is a leap for me many days. But I truly think my little 'why I do it' list will help me in my mind game.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Florida was Great

Yeah... definitely a great vacation state. I have no idea if I would like to live there all year long, I like having 4 different seasons but for a visit now and then when it is a bit too cold up here is a YES!

We visited Universal Studios and Adventure Island - It was a blast!! Hubby wasn't as excited as I was, but I think he enjoyed it secretly anyway. I was disappointed that the Harry Potter thing wasn't open yet 'cause I love Harry Potter and it would have been so fun to see it all. But maybe now I have an excuse to go again...

We also spent some time playing golf - two rounds of 18 holes and one 9:ers... I actually enjoyed it! I mean I wish a full round was around 12 holes and not 18, but it wasn't as bad - and I got my FIRST PAR ever!! It was on a Par-3 so it wasn't as great as if it would have been on a Par-4, but still... (Yeah I know, I just admitted I am pretty bad at golfing). And my body sure got a fair share of some sun! I now have those great 'golf tan' lines... you know from socks and tees... it is so ugly! But I can't show them off anyway - it is pretty cold back in PA now.

The trip back home was a trip to remember... all I can say for now is that we were supposed to be home by 8pm on Sunday and we ended up coming home at 3.30 am on Monday morning... Life is full of surprises! :D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Florida Baby!

Man... I have been so off these last few days.

I think it is because I started to believe I was prego.. I have been on the DAY with my cycle for the past 4 months and when it didn't show on the day I though it was going to; I started to wonder.. and when it wasn't here 5 days later I was going NUTS! But today it finally made an appearance!

But it wasn't just me being late. I had all that skin issue that I couldn't find a reason to... I was tired all the time from being so full of energy to just drained... My mind was for sure spinning!

At least I can put that behind me as I am going to FLORIDA tomorrow!!! YEAH! Haven't been there since 2006. Me and hubby are going there to visit a friend and also to just relax. We need a time away from home.

He has requested at least 3 golf outings... we will see about that. Unfortunately I do not share his great passion about golf, I told him I will give him 1!.. I don't even know if I can fit into my golf clothes anymore... And I have had NO time what so ever to plan for this trip. But that is usually how we do things. 'Do you want to go?' 'yeah, do you?' 'ok - let's do it!' And off we go!

No matter what we end up doing I am going to enjoy the sun until I can't stand it!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tori Spelling

I follow Tori on my Twitter account - I love her. She is such a wonderful and loving person and I wish I could be even a little bit like her... anyway.

She liked my 'I love shoes' t-shirt!!! She actually MADE a comment about it!!! :D

"Torianddean @misspkm OMG! That's Geniys! That's Stella's motto! Yes!"

Guess who is proud now?!?

I wonder if I can send one to her daughter Stella??

What NOT to do

This is what experienced Etsy sellers have said about what NOT to do when just getting started:

  • Don't buy shipping supplies at retail (I just got my U-Line shipping catalog)
  • Have great pictures - they can always get better
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Do not waste money on etsy showcases
  • List more items (New) instead of renew them
  • Don't underprice
  • Only accept custom orders if they fit into your own collection
  • Don't use Etsy as your only venture, try to sell on fairs and shows too
  • Download Etsy hacks (I did - they are great - get yours at
  • Try to answer the question: "Why would anyone buy from me" 
  • Be specific in the item description (I probably need to work on this one)
  • USPS pick up service if your orders are getting out of hand (Yeah, I am not there yet)
  • Be prepared for Xmas! (How exciting)
  • Manage your inventory (This is hard when you have no idea what and how much people are going to buy from you)
  • PayPal shipping - (So far I have only don't the Click-N-Ship with USPS and it works great!)
  • Moo Cards (don't even know what that is)
  • Join a etsy team... (still on my to do list)
Some great TIPS!! I am trying all I can - all I am missing is the sales I am looking for.

Printing my own Biz Cards

And it is not working at all! The print out will just not match the already made marks for the cards, they are all over the place. I have probably printed 100 cards without anyone of them coming out right.

I just changed some settings and I am trying again. NOPE!!! I am getting very frustrated. I should have just ordered my biz cards right away from - They have great prices and the cards are so thick and sturdy, nothing like these homemade ones.

Ahhhh... what to do?? Did I just waste $20 on creating more trash???

Love it

As I am probably breaking some of the "do not" newbie rules of selling on Etsy by logging in to see if I have made a sale and to see how many views each item has received since last time I checked about 10 times a day; I cannot stop. And when I do I also spend some time looking at what other people put up there. And there is truly a world of amazing artists out there!

I found this Navy Jane Toddler dress one that I think is absolutely adorable!! The dress is great and the picture makes it look like a million $.

The shop is: Noah and Lilah and the dress you can find by clicking here

Honestly WHO can say no to this dress at only $34??? I wish I knew a little girl that could were it I would get it asap.

Does it come in my size???

Sherri - I love it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Denim Baby Romper

Just realize I haven't added any pictures of the romper I made.

I originally made it thinking it was going to be a unisex romper, even though my hubby strongly pointed out that it was a girls romper ONLY. I didn't see it until I actually got to see the romper live on a baby - it is for a girl. How on earth was he able to see that and I wasn't???

Anyway here it is:
Click on link to get to the shop to order one:

I have been getting so many great comments from my friends from Sweden about how much they adore this piece, but the American friends are not feeling as strong about it as the Swedes. Is that a difference in taste? Maybe most girls clothes here have to be all pink and cute?? I don't know - any comments?? Well it doesn't really matter if someone in Europe buy it - as long as someone buy it. They don't do any good to anyone here...

Dermalogica Cleansing Facial

Had my facial this morning - it is so relaxing, I was enjoying it even more this time than the first time I went about 2 months ago. Maybe I was more tuned in today.

But it sounds like I have to go with my dry skin and "adult acne" for a little bit longer. That is by far the worst combination ever!!! You can't use products that would dry you out and you can't use products that put too much nutrients into the bad pores... I guess I will try to let my skin just relax at least over the weekend and then we will see.

On my way home I stopped to pick up some business card paper. Not the perforated ones - that is just not professional looking. Will let you know how it worked out.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Biz Cards

I am sure there are millions tutorials out there on how to make great biz cards in a creative and personal way. But I am just looking for the basics - I just want to know what paper to use!

I just need to be able to hand whomever I am speaking to about my business a business cards. How else are they going to remember with capital letters and all that... tooooo long and complicated. And to write it down on a piece of paper just seems like it will end up in the bottom of the bag and that is it. A business card might also just end up at the bottom of your purse, but by the time you clean up your bag (yes I have to do that sometimes) you will find it and you will probably remember what it is for.

So tomorrow I am going to look for some business cards paper. Have Staples around down the road from where I live so they will receive my business yet again. They are so lucky I am a 'ready-fire-aim' person, I don't really plan for things like that, off course making it more expensive in the long run, but who has time to plan everything in life!!

You would just end up being disappointed about failing to stay on schedule.

I don't know anymore

Have been trying AHAVA now since Saturday and I must say that it is WORKING - it is working too good probably. MY FACE IS LIKE A DRY SHELL now.

Yesterday I even dipped my own face in oil - I punctured a capsule with Vitamin E and one with Evening Primerose oil and put it all over my face to try to smooth out the dry spots. When I woke up I was just as dry... Tried some Aloe Gel but that stuff just make me blush so much.

Tomorrow I have a new facial appointment - hopefully she can help me!

But sometimes I wonder that maybe I have done too much to my face lately. Just before getting the ahava I was so frustrated and itchy that I basically scrubbed my skin down on my chin - so it might have been too sensitive for the new products. I haven't been able to use the Dermalogica products since Wednesday 'cause that is just too much or my face right now.

So I really can't say if this stuff is working yet or not. I am just confused and have never been this dry before, not even if sunburned!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I think he loves me...

Yup, I am still going strong with my 5 am wake-up time. I have to say that I was tempted to stay in bed today tough but I didn't. And I got things done - had to finish up some dance moves for my classes tonight (I know I am a last minute kind of person) I cut out some new pieces for some baby dresses, will start sewing them tomorrow morning probably.

My husband is really loving my little change. He get's to go to bed with me, and when he wakes up I am awake and even happy, haha! And today I even served him some eggs and bacon. ~ Hope he doesn't expect me to do that every morning now.

Uploaded a denim romper today - I have been getting a lot of comments from friends about it, but no sale so far. We will see, it is bit expensive but I honestly can't price it lower because of all detail work it has with visible jean stitches. And I can't underestimate my own work - that would just be wrong!

Can you guys believe it is Friday tomorrow.. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's working

So far I have been able to wake up early in the mornings to do some work... but I truly means SOME work - I can do the little stuff, like sew on a button, attach a tag, iron, and all that - but today I was first going to finish the one order I received with getting the print on it, attaching the tags, and then all shipping... I managed! After that I was planning to start my next project, but I ended up on my yoga mat and took a looong stretching session instead. It did me good - but now I might have to break my new tradition and do some stuff tonight, at least cut out some pieces.

The Phillies are on, so while we watch it I can do some cutting too!

I Love Shoes

Seriously, who doesn't love shoes?!?!?!

I don't buy that many shoes these days as I am trying not to do too much spending on things I don't really need... but off course someone could ALWAYS argue a need for a pair of new shoes... and to tell you the truth I do NEED probably 2 or 3 pairs by now. :D

Anyway... In honoring the constant need for shoes I made this little toddler tee... I really love it, but it might just be me..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I did it!

I almost cannot believe it, but I sold my first onesie after only 24 hours on!!! I had to go back and check about 10 times before I really believed it. I was so confused, hahaa...

I know that I love my items, or I wouldn't have made them... but it is so very personal to me. Every little design I do means something to me. It is so overwhelmingly wonderful to actually have someone else appreciate them too!

So today I am walking in the clouds! :D

Monday, April 12, 2010

Early Mornings

I am not a morning person - at all!
I love staying up late and wake up well after 9.00 in the morning. That is when I work the best.

But with my new venture, a job, teaching dance, and have a husband I am starting to think that I need to do things a little bit differently from now on. I need to grasp energy from every living cell I can get a hold of and I can't waste precious time on anything - everything needs to be given the attention it deserves, including time to just relax.

I love my husband so deeply and I know I have been putting him as second the last few weeks with me trying to get everything ready - it is not fair to him or our relationship. So I am going to make some changes. We need our evenings to US. 

Normally I don't need as much sleep as he does so when he is ready for bed at 10pm I am wide awake and ready to keep going... but instead of doing things then I am going to start doing things in the morning, before he wakes up. This way I will still have my time to do what I need and I will be able to spend my evenings with my husband and even getting to bed at the same time...

I know it is the right choice for us. And I should try to find a place where I can do some morning yoga too. The program I would do is only 20 minutes so it is not a bad idea to start the day with 20 minutes yoga and stretch and then enjoy my time crafting. How much better can a day start really? I will keep you updated on how it works out.

How do you guys do it with several tasks/responsibilities/projects in the making?

Hormones running wild; trying AHAVA

Since I started doing this all natural birth control method my skin has been horrible. I look worse now than I did when I was 16! I suspect it is all hormone related as my body is still trying to regulate from the change in hormone production. I mean other than my acne I feel great and most days I don't care that much about it... but I am a girly girl that loves to look good - with or without makeup.

Since I stopped the dreaded Yasmin pills I have been trying different product to control my acne and so far NOTHING!

I started out using tea tree oil from the Body Shop. I used the oil every day and used the tea tree oil mask almost every day on my chin, nose and forehead... It seems like it worked for a little bit, but not in the long run - and who has time to put on a mask every day? 

The I tried to take Evening Primrose oil supplement but my stomach didn't agree at all to that. So I ended up putting the oil directly on my face by squeezing out the oil from the capsule. It made my skin baby smooth but did nothing for my acne, nothing at all. (Today I wonder if it was real oil or maybe just a synthetic kind it is hard to tell these days)

Then I went to a dermatologist and had a real facial, not the kind you do at home. It was great! My face felt so smooth and beautiful, my pores were 10 times smaller it felt like, especially on my nose. But I can't afford to have a facial every month.. so my awesome face is now back to were it started and might even be worse than ever. Off course not due to the facial but probably because of hormones and maybe some late stress I have had in my life lately (good stress, fun stress)  ;)

So on Friday I was recommended AHAVA and I actually had time to go shopping for it on my busy Saturday and am now dedicated to religiously use it every morning and night for 30 days. I can for sure tell you that something is going on - My face feels tighter but I am not sure I like the feeling. We will see in 30 days what I say about it. 

So all in all I am now using:
AHAVA Mud Soap Bar
AHAVA Toner for oily skin
Dermalogica - Special Clearing Booster (on my acne areas)
Dermalogica - Clearing Mattifier (It is really making my skin look like soft velvet - NO SHINE at all)
Some days I feel dried out and on those days, and nights I will also use Dior's HydraAction

Anyone ever tried AHAVA products? What did you think about them?

I will give you an update on my experience in 30 days.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Frank the Frog

Frank the frog will be the introduction to my collection. I don't know why I picked this item over anyone of the others, but it just happened and I am happy with my decision - it is great being your own boss!!

I think you can already see the playful side of me. I am not a FASIONISTA just a happy fool that loves colors and to create with them.

You can buy and read more about the 'Frank the Frog Blue Onesie' by clicking here: Candie Ink on Etsy

Comming Soon

I don't want to show you the whole piece yet... but this is what I am working on right NOW. Just sitting down while my (only) two silk screens are drying so I can use them again for step 2.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ready Set...

... I really don't have time to sit here and blog, but I need a break from all the crafting. I was working until 4.30 am Saturday morning from the time I came home from my day time work on Friday afternoon. I woke up at 8.30am today and kept going..

During the Phillies game I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and took a well needed nap. Now I am ready to GO again!

My overnight task is to start my screen printing. Have been setting it up all day today even had to go and get some supplies and off course I found a fabric that I could not resist buying. I have no idea of what to do with it yet, but at least I have it! :D

Tomorrow I plan to upload my first item on my Etsy shop! 

Here are my 'new' labels after having two misspelled words on the old ones: 

New fabric, any suggestions of what would look good with it? 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

No Time

Last night after work I was once again working on small little things. Sewing on some buttons on a few items that I didn't know what to do with when I for a few days thought we weren't allowed to use buttons on children's clothing... I think I hate sewing on buttons - it is so slow! ;p

I also received all my items I ordered for my screen printing - So I will be busy all night Friday I just know it. I washed them all yesterday so they are ready for when I need it. I also fixed my washing labels so they are spelled right - and also found that Photoshop DOES have spell check! Ahhhh :D

This morning I was TIRED and realized that I didn't take a shower before I went to bed the night before, which is usually my night habits so I had to get into the shower in the morning because I WILL NOT go without washing my hair for more than 30 hours - but that left me NO time to get it all ready. Luckily it was already warm outside by the time I went to work so I was doing an all natural hair blowing thing in the car with the windows down - and it WORKED! My hair was dry (and a little messy) by the time I got there... but that is why there are ponytails :D For girls like me!!

Bikini Season?

Being almost 90 degrees F out today (about 30C) made me think about summer time. But it freaks me out a bit too; I am so not ready for Bikini season. I have to loose some pounds in order for me to even get into my bikini after gaining weight because of some horrible birth control pills (I am now doing it all natural but that is another story) and then I am as white as snow... almost blue! Time to make some visits to the Caribbean Tanz here in Newtown soon.

But speaking of bikinis; I never thought I would ever make one, but I made this bikini for a photo shoot I did in 2006 and I actually ended up wearing it outside too and I received many compliments for it! What do you think? (yeah I was a brunette for a while there)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Student'02 - High School Graduation

Another addition to my portfolio - My younger sister in her High School Graduation outfit. Basically all girls wear white for graduation in Sweden and this is what my sister wanted to wear so I made it for her...

NYC Wedding

The summer of 2008 about one month after my own wedding - my best friend comes to NYC to get married in the Swedish church on 48th st between 5th and Madison. My husband and I get to act as maid of honor/best man and witnesses since they left home without telling anyone they were going to get married. I off course knew since I had to make her dress before I left for my new life in the states. Unfortunately the top I made for her became too big as she lost weight on the LCHF method I told her to use for fast results.

So for this one, I am only to blame for the skirt ;) (and flowers)

You will not believe this!

Ok.. for you to really believe it I should take a picture.. but here is a sample instead:

Great huh?!?!!! I spelled both WASH and CHLORINE wrong!!!
It only tells me that I should not work with stuff like this until early morning after a long day at my daytime job.

I blame a little on it on Photoshop and it not having spell check. I live for spell check, that is why I changed from Explorer to Firefox even!

But I still can't believe I made this kind of mistake, I really can't! Time to proof read everything about 10 times!! But I always say that... I wonder when I am actually going to learn, or see my own mistakes - anyone have any idea? Is my issue incurable?

So it may not have been that bad, but I have actually made two sets of this kind of labels that is supposed to go on the side seam in all my items... and 4 of them are already attached to some dresses. Crazy!!

A well, what to do - at least I noticed it before sending the dresses out to customers. THAT would have been embarrassing! So now I will make new ones... I actually finished up some other labels today as I needed some with 6mts, 12mts, 18mts, and 24mts on them. The work will go on...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From My Wedding

As I am waiting and putting together some odds and ends here and there I figured I could update my portfolio a little bit too. Here are some pictures from my wedding - a truly home made wedding. Without sounding like a version of Martha Stuart, I was trying to keep costs down as I had just moved to the US and immigration and visa application was expensive to us at the time, I ended up making a lot of it myself. Wedding favors, dessert, wedding cake, flowers, decoration, wedding dress, and brides maids dresses... it was a perfect day and looking back I wouldn't have changed anything, besides for that I was missing many of my family and friends.


Monday, April 5, 2010


.... it's coming, it's coming!!! I just placed my order for some of the supplies I need to start my screen printing. I was going to do it yesterday but they had to verify my Sales Tax ID number first. And as soon as I saw the email I placed my order. It actually came out costing me $30 less that I had calculated on - so that is always nice!

So finally I can get moving for real. The stuff should be here on Thursday... until then I need to make some more labels and print some shipping labels. But for the first time, I can actually say that I think it will all come together this weekend! Ahhhh!!!! :D

My first screen printing projects will be Creeper (two different prints), Toddler t-shirt (one print), Toddler dress (one print).  

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Trying to connect my Etsy shop with this blog. But so far it looks kind of empty since I haven't uploaded any items on the shop yet. I have two different items done, but I was going to start with some screen printed item first... but maybe I should just throw what I have out there... I can't decide. I thought I had this great plan, but I am still waiting for the items I am going to print on to arrive...

Here is a little preview of one of the items, I just fell in love with this fabric when I saw it and HAD to make something out of it!

So far I have 4 baby dresses (New Born to 24 months) already made in this fabric... I love it, but it is not cotton so it may not sell as good because of it. But I couldn't resist...

And beside for connecting the blog with the shop I also connected the shop with my facebook account. I don't know if it will attract more people or not, but since it will all update it automatically it is worth it!

Tonight I am home with a sick dog. I don't want to go to bed in case he needs to throw up again... But in my mind there cannot be anything left for him to throw up!