Monday, May 3, 2010

I want it even more now!

Last week was a "sit-back-and-think" week. I was thinking about changes; that it was time for some changes for me (yeah I don't like getting to comfortable - I want MORE). First I planed my changes to be just taking charge of my horrible weight gain since coming off the pill. But for some reason Faith had more in storage for me. It was like I needed something bigger not to get bored.

On our way home from Florida over a week ago when our flight got delayed I fount this book 'Why we want you to be rich' and it made me think bigger. I am still not done with the book but it has opened my eyes already to what is out there for me to grab a hold of and never let go. I want it so badly now and I am willing to work hard to get there. I realize that it is not a walk in the park but I think I can get there, I really do.

Anyway after a lot of thinking I came up with a whole bunch of bullets and motivational things to keep me motivated and they all boiled down to this short vision and dream:
My dream is to one day be able to teach others how I made my dreams come true. I want to teach them why I was able to pay off my student loan with one single check, I want to show them why I now call multiple houses my home, I want to show them why I no longer fly commercial but private, I want to show them how they can also have their name on a building, I want to show them the difference between security and freedom, I want to show them the real meaning of what leverage is, I want to show them how they can accomplish the exact same thing over and over again no matter who they are or how much money they already have.

And then like a star in the sky I get to see it... I even get to touch it... I got to touch my dream for a little bit. 
I can't get a better teaser than this:

  A little piece of my future...

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