Monday, August 30, 2010


So I went to Mood with my sister and got this super great shirt fabric that I started making a shirt dress out of 2 weekends ago and was going to finish up yesterday.

I should add to the story that I usually NEVER follow a pattern I buy 100% - I always need to change something here and there... but buy the pattern that is closest to my own designs, I usually only have in my head so my progress is a step by step thing.

So I bought this pattern: Vouge V8613

But this pattern calls for a fabric with a light stretch - I was using a 100% cotton fabric with no stretch so I had to use a size bigger than what I would have picked normally and I wanted the buttons and front opening to go all the way down the skirt as well... I was planning to change the oak as well but changed my mind as it was just a little too much fixing back and forth and I just wanted to get the dress done before summer is over.

So last night when I was cutting the skirt parts out I was running a little short on fabric so I had to use all the tricks I knew to get the most out of it... and I got it all on there... except for that I cut out two right sides instead of one right and one left.... whaaaaat?!?!?!!

My mojo just disappeared and I was so upset - now what!?!
Today I called Mood and will send them a little sample of my fabric and HOPE that they still have it and can send me some more because I simply LOVE this fabric and I need to have this dress done!

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