Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Set-back number one

But I am planning on making it my onlyONE!

On Friday night I came across some information while researching hanging tags for my clothes. "Should I have a hanging tag on the clothes I sell or do people not care about them" was my thinking. My husband didn't think I should, since they get cut off and thrown in the trash right away. I agreed, but still feel that a tag was the right way to go just to get the new and special touch on it. I was even thinking of making the hanging tab into a business card... What is your thought on it? Would people realize it, would it be a "ah that is so smart" or "that is so cheap"??? Right now, after a few days of thinking, I am leaning towards hanging tags but maybe not in the style of a business card... but love some comments on it!

So where is my set back?

It has nothing to do with hanging tags - cause I believe you can pretty much put whatever you want on those, but my head started to spin when I learned about FTC and CPSC rules and what I HAVE to put on the sew in labels for each item... it was crazy. But thanks to DuhBe and her fabulous description on the issue I manage to figure it all out. Not without getting a little bit sweaty but at least there is a way...

So if you are planning to make anything that is intended for kids - read it! It is well worth it times a thousand.

So this probably set me back a week or two, but it is ok... I am still waiting for some paperwork to be finished.

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