Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bikini Season?

Being almost 90 degrees F out today (about 30C) made me think about summer time. But it freaks me out a bit too; I am so not ready for Bikini season. I have to loose some pounds in order for me to even get into my bikini after gaining weight because of some horrible birth control pills (I am now doing it all natural but that is another story) and then I am as white as snow... almost blue! Time to make some visits to the Caribbean Tanz here in Newtown soon.

But speaking of bikinis; I never thought I would ever make one, but I made this bikini for a photo shoot I did in 2006 and I actually ended up wearing it outside too and I received many compliments for it! What do you think? (yeah I was a brunette for a while there)

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