Thursday, April 15, 2010

I think he loves me...

Yup, I am still going strong with my 5 am wake-up time. I have to say that I was tempted to stay in bed today tough but I didn't. And I got things done - had to finish up some dance moves for my classes tonight (I know I am a last minute kind of person) I cut out some new pieces for some baby dresses, will start sewing them tomorrow morning probably.

My husband is really loving my little change. He get's to go to bed with me, and when he wakes up I am awake and even happy, haha! And today I even served him some eggs and bacon. ~ Hope he doesn't expect me to do that every morning now.

Uploaded a denim romper today - I have been getting a lot of comments from friends about it, but no sale so far. We will see, it is bit expensive but I honestly can't price it lower because of all detail work it has with visible jean stitches. And I can't underestimate my own work - that would just be wrong!

Can you guys believe it is Friday tomorrow.. 

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