Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Florida was Great

Yeah... definitely a great vacation state. I have no idea if I would like to live there all year long, I like having 4 different seasons but for a visit now and then when it is a bit too cold up here is a YES!

We visited Universal Studios and Adventure Island - It was a blast!! Hubby wasn't as excited as I was, but I think he enjoyed it secretly anyway. I was disappointed that the Harry Potter thing wasn't open yet 'cause I love Harry Potter and it would have been so fun to see it all. But maybe now I have an excuse to go again...

We also spent some time playing golf - two rounds of 18 holes and one 9:ers... I actually enjoyed it! I mean I wish a full round was around 12 holes and not 18, but it wasn't as bad - and I got my FIRST PAR ever!! It was on a Par-3 so it wasn't as great as if it would have been on a Par-4, but still... (Yeah I know, I just admitted I am pretty bad at golfing). And my body sure got a fair share of some sun! I now have those great 'golf tan' lines... you know from socks and tees... it is so ugly! But I can't show them off anyway - it is pretty cold back in PA now.

The trip back home was a trip to remember... all I can say for now is that we were supposed to be home by 8pm on Sunday and we ended up coming home at 3.30 am on Monday morning... Life is full of surprises! :D

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