Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You will not believe this!

Ok.. for you to really believe it I should take a picture.. but here is a sample instead:

Great huh?!?!!! I spelled both WASH and CHLORINE wrong!!!
It only tells me that I should not work with stuff like this until early morning after a long day at my daytime job.

I blame a little on it on Photoshop and it not having spell check. I live for spell check, that is why I changed from Explorer to Firefox even!

But I still can't believe I made this kind of mistake, I really can't! Time to proof read everything about 10 times!! But I always say that... I wonder when I am actually going to learn, or see my own mistakes - anyone have any idea? Is my issue incurable?

So it may not have been that bad, but I have actually made two sets of this kind of labels that is supposed to go on the side seam in all my items... and 4 of them are already attached to some dresses. Crazy!!

A well, what to do - at least I noticed it before sending the dresses out to customers. THAT would have been embarrassing! So now I will make new ones... I actually finished up some other labels today as I needed some with 6mts, 12mts, 18mts, and 24mts on them. The work will go on...

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