Monday, April 12, 2010

Early Mornings

I am not a morning person - at all!
I love staying up late and wake up well after 9.00 in the morning. That is when I work the best.

But with my new venture, a job, teaching dance, and have a husband I am starting to think that I need to do things a little bit differently from now on. I need to grasp energy from every living cell I can get a hold of and I can't waste precious time on anything - everything needs to be given the attention it deserves, including time to just relax.

I love my husband so deeply and I know I have been putting him as second the last few weeks with me trying to get everything ready - it is not fair to him or our relationship. So I am going to make some changes. We need our evenings to US. 

Normally I don't need as much sleep as he does so when he is ready for bed at 10pm I am wide awake and ready to keep going... but instead of doing things then I am going to start doing things in the morning, before he wakes up. This way I will still have my time to do what I need and I will be able to spend my evenings with my husband and even getting to bed at the same time...

I know it is the right choice for us. And I should try to find a place where I can do some morning yoga too. The program I would do is only 20 minutes so it is not a bad idea to start the day with 20 minutes yoga and stretch and then enjoy my time crafting. How much better can a day start really? I will keep you updated on how it works out.

How do you guys do it with several tasks/responsibilities/projects in the making?

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