Saturday, April 17, 2010

Denim Baby Romper

Just realize I haven't added any pictures of the romper I made.

I originally made it thinking it was going to be a unisex romper, even though my hubby strongly pointed out that it was a girls romper ONLY. I didn't see it until I actually got to see the romper live on a baby - it is for a girl. How on earth was he able to see that and I wasn't???

Anyway here it is:
Click on link to get to the shop to order one:

I have been getting so many great comments from my friends from Sweden about how much they adore this piece, but the American friends are not feeling as strong about it as the Swedes. Is that a difference in taste? Maybe most girls clothes here have to be all pink and cute?? I don't know - any comments?? Well it doesn't really matter if someone in Europe buy it - as long as someone buy it. They don't do any good to anyone here...

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