Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Florida Baby!

Man... I have been so off these last few days.

I think it is because I started to believe I was prego.. I have been on the DAY with my cycle for the past 4 months and when it didn't show on the day I though it was going to; I started to wonder.. and when it wasn't here 5 days later I was going NUTS! But today it finally made an appearance!

But it wasn't just me being late. I had all that skin issue that I couldn't find a reason to... I was tired all the time from being so full of energy to just drained... My mind was for sure spinning!

At least I can put that behind me as I am going to FLORIDA tomorrow!!! YEAH! Haven't been there since 2006. Me and hubby are going there to visit a friend and also to just relax. We need a time away from home.

He has requested at least 3 golf outings... we will see about that. Unfortunately I do not share his great passion about golf, I told him I will give him 1!.. I don't even know if I can fit into my golf clothes anymore... And I have had NO time what so ever to plan for this trip. But that is usually how we do things. 'Do you want to go?' 'yeah, do you?' 'ok - let's do it!' And off we go!

No matter what we end up doing I am going to enjoy the sun until I can't stand it!

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