Monday, April 12, 2010

Hormones running wild; trying AHAVA

Since I started doing this all natural birth control method my skin has been horrible. I look worse now than I did when I was 16! I suspect it is all hormone related as my body is still trying to regulate from the change in hormone production. I mean other than my acne I feel great and most days I don't care that much about it... but I am a girly girl that loves to look good - with or without makeup.

Since I stopped the dreaded Yasmin pills I have been trying different product to control my acne and so far NOTHING!

I started out using tea tree oil from the Body Shop. I used the oil every day and used the tea tree oil mask almost every day on my chin, nose and forehead... It seems like it worked for a little bit, but not in the long run - and who has time to put on a mask every day? 

The I tried to take Evening Primrose oil supplement but my stomach didn't agree at all to that. So I ended up putting the oil directly on my face by squeezing out the oil from the capsule. It made my skin baby smooth but did nothing for my acne, nothing at all. (Today I wonder if it was real oil or maybe just a synthetic kind it is hard to tell these days)

Then I went to a dermatologist and had a real facial, not the kind you do at home. It was great! My face felt so smooth and beautiful, my pores were 10 times smaller it felt like, especially on my nose. But I can't afford to have a facial every month.. so my awesome face is now back to were it started and might even be worse than ever. Off course not due to the facial but probably because of hormones and maybe some late stress I have had in my life lately (good stress, fun stress)  ;)

So on Friday I was recommended AHAVA and I actually had time to go shopping for it on my busy Saturday and am now dedicated to religiously use it every morning and night for 30 days. I can for sure tell you that something is going on - My face feels tighter but I am not sure I like the feeling. We will see in 30 days what I say about it. 

So all in all I am now using:
AHAVA Mud Soap Bar
AHAVA Toner for oily skin
Dermalogica - Special Clearing Booster (on my acne areas)
Dermalogica - Clearing Mattifier (It is really making my skin look like soft velvet - NO SHINE at all)
Some days I feel dried out and on those days, and nights I will also use Dior's HydraAction

Anyone ever tried AHAVA products? What did you think about them?

I will give you an update on my experience in 30 days.

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