Friday, April 16, 2010

I don't know anymore

Have been trying AHAVA now since Saturday and I must say that it is WORKING - it is working too good probably. MY FACE IS LIKE A DRY SHELL now.

Yesterday I even dipped my own face in oil - I punctured a capsule with Vitamin E and one with Evening Primerose oil and put it all over my face to try to smooth out the dry spots. When I woke up I was just as dry... Tried some Aloe Gel but that stuff just make me blush so much.

Tomorrow I have a new facial appointment - hopefully she can help me!

But sometimes I wonder that maybe I have done too much to my face lately. Just before getting the ahava I was so frustrated and itchy that I basically scrubbed my skin down on my chin - so it might have been too sensitive for the new products. I haven't been able to use the Dermalogica products since Wednesday 'cause that is just too much or my face right now.

So I really can't say if this stuff is working yet or not. I am just confused and have never been this dry before, not even if sunburned!

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