Thursday, April 8, 2010

No Time

Last night after work I was once again working on small little things. Sewing on some buttons on a few items that I didn't know what to do with when I for a few days thought we weren't allowed to use buttons on children's clothing... I think I hate sewing on buttons - it is so slow! ;p

I also received all my items I ordered for my screen printing - So I will be busy all night Friday I just know it. I washed them all yesterday so they are ready for when I need it. I also fixed my washing labels so they are spelled right - and also found that Photoshop DOES have spell check! Ahhhh :D

This morning I was TIRED and realized that I didn't take a shower before I went to bed the night before, which is usually my night habits so I had to get into the shower in the morning because I WILL NOT go without washing my hair for more than 30 hours - but that left me NO time to get it all ready. Luckily it was already warm outside by the time I went to work so I was doing an all natural hair blowing thing in the car with the windows down - and it WORKED! My hair was dry (and a little messy) by the time I got there... but that is why there are ponytails :D For girls like me!!

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