Friday, April 16, 2010

Biz Cards

I am sure there are millions tutorials out there on how to make great biz cards in a creative and personal way. But I am just looking for the basics - I just want to know what paper to use!

I just need to be able to hand whomever I am speaking to about my business a business cards. How else are they going to remember with capital letters and all that... tooooo long and complicated. And to write it down on a piece of paper just seems like it will end up in the bottom of the bag and that is it. A business card might also just end up at the bottom of your purse, but by the time you clean up your bag (yes I have to do that sometimes) you will find it and you will probably remember what it is for.

So tomorrow I am going to look for some business cards paper. Have Staples around down the road from where I live so they will receive my business yet again. They are so lucky I am a 'ready-fire-aim' person, I don't really plan for things like that, off course making it more expensive in the long run, but who has time to plan everything in life!!

You would just end up being disappointed about failing to stay on schedule.

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