Sunday, April 18, 2010

What NOT to do

This is what experienced Etsy sellers have said about what NOT to do when just getting started:

  • Don't buy shipping supplies at retail (I just got my U-Line shipping catalog)
  • Have great pictures - they can always get better
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Do not waste money on etsy showcases
  • List more items (New) instead of renew them
  • Don't underprice
  • Only accept custom orders if they fit into your own collection
  • Don't use Etsy as your only venture, try to sell on fairs and shows too
  • Download Etsy hacks (I did - they are great - get yours at
  • Try to answer the question: "Why would anyone buy from me" 
  • Be specific in the item description (I probably need to work on this one)
  • USPS pick up service if your orders are getting out of hand (Yeah, I am not there yet)
  • Be prepared for Xmas! (How exciting)
  • Manage your inventory (This is hard when you have no idea what and how much people are going to buy from you)
  • PayPal shipping - (So far I have only don't the Click-N-Ship with USPS and it works great!)
  • Moo Cards (don't even know what that is)
  • Join a etsy team... (still on my to do list)
Some great TIPS!! I am trying all I can - all I am missing is the sales I am looking for.

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