Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love it

As I am probably breaking some of the "do not" newbie rules of selling on Etsy by logging in to see if I have made a sale and to see how many views each item has received since last time I checked about 10 times a day; I cannot stop. And when I do I also spend some time looking at what other people put up there. And there is truly a world of amazing artists out there!

I found this Navy Jane Toddler dress one that I think is absolutely adorable!! The dress is great and the picture makes it look like a million $.

The shop is: Noah and Lilah and the dress you can find by clicking here

Honestly WHO can say no to this dress at only $34??? I wish I knew a little girl that could were it I would get it asap.

Does it come in my size???

Sherri - I love it!

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